Free space optical communication for Hi-End VR experience and more

Lasers are just better Wires

- Laser beam transmission
- Lossless quality, full 4k, no compression
- No latency
- 40x the WiFi speed
- Can support future bandwidth demand
- No wires!

Wireless VR
Unlink VR setup example

Application example

-Transmitter is placed near the celling (1b)
- Additional reflectors can be used (2b)
- The beam will find the best sensor to bind to (3b, 5b, 6b)
- If the beam is being blocked - it will immediately hop to the other sensor
- If no sensors have line of sight - it will use the reflector

What's in the box?


The transmitter is connected to your PC with DisplayPort and USB Type-C. It uses hi-speed data laser and special laser steering system which directs it to the receivers.

Receiver hub

The receiver hub contains battery to supply the headset via USB and it converts optical signals coming from the sensors on players head or body back to DisplayPort of the headset. It is suited to be attached to the belt.

Receiver sensor

The sensors receive the laser beam and send the signal over the cable to the hub. Multiple sensors can be placed on the headset or players body to ensure uninterruptable data flow.

Receiver kit

The kit is made to fit regular headset and have thin light cables which provide best gaming experience.

How to use it

Install the transmitter

Connect transmitter to computer

Put on receiver

Connect receiver cables to VR Headset​

Play! Your wires are now replaced with the laser.​

Our Solution


– Wires limit movement
– Cable management system is hard to install
– Radio is not persistent/reliable, has low range
– 60 GHz radio requires line of sight (like laser), but is slower
– Has no room for improvement for next gen

Unlink VR Solution

– Laser beam transmission
– Mature technology from server applications
– Absolutely safe, no hi-frequency radio beams
– Fit any VR headset
– Next gen VR ready

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